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Piazza del Campo Tuscany
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Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo is the main square of the city of Siena, is famous for its particular shell - shape and famous all over the world for its architectonic beauty. At the origin of Siena, the future "Campo" was a space for the markets. The first document that speaks about the arrangement of the "Campo" is dated 1169. Until 1270, with the Government of Ventiquattro (1236-1270), the space of the future square was used for fairs and markets. Although it has not still assumed the shape that we see today, it seems there was already an intention to create a space for the public festivities, in analogy to the Dome that is for religious festivities, and also for markets and the commerce. Fallen this government of the aristocrats, with the Government of Nine (1287-1355) was established a 'neutral' seat for the government: this nucleus of the Communal Palace will give also an impulse to an arrangement of the square. The paving of the square begins in 1327 and finishes in 1349. Still today the square is subdivided in nine segments, as a memory of the Government of the Nine. The square is famous also because twice a year, exactly the 2 July and 16 August, it is place of the Palio delle Contrade. It is an horse racing, unique in the world, where the 17 historical contrade (quarters) of the city challenge each other. The horses must do three laps around the Piazza del Campo, a frenzied and passionate race that brings to the victory only one quarter, where this success will be honoured with a party all night long.

Piazza del Campo Tuscany Piazza del Campo Tuscany Piazza del Campo Tuscany

Piazza del Campo Tuscany



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