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Church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas Tuscany
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Church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas

The Church of San Giovanni Evangelista is also called San Giovanni Fuorcivitas: Fuorcivitas is a usual name for churches that, when they were built, were outside of the city walls. The historians think the building is to date at the times of the longobard domination, but this thesis does not find certain documents. The church sure was already built at the beginning of the 12th century. The former building was modified during the 14th century, when the nave was widened, demolishing the Romanesque cloister, of which today we can only see a part. During the 1300's San Giovanni became a yard of such importance to attract famous artists who transformed it in one of the most important city churches. In the church, precious because of its works of art, there is the group in white terracotta (fired clay) that represents the Visitazione, a work by Luca della Robbia. It was commissioned in 1445; today it is in a niche of the northern flank. Among the other works in the church, the Pulpit of Frate Guglielmo da Pisa, realized in 1270, and a rare Crocifisso of the 13th century.

Church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas Tuscany



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